Laurel, Knox, Whitley, Pulaski
Toll Free: 1-888-526-1211
Corbin: 606-526-1211
Pulaski: 606-451-2211

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Our Rates

While every trip is different, Venture Cabs works hard to keep our rates as low as possible. If we can't pay our drivers, we can't stay in business, so the following is a rate sheet to help you figure out how much your trip will cost.

Standard Rate Sheet Senior Discount Rate Sheet Other Rates/Fees
Flag Drop (Minimum Charge): $4.00 Flag Drop (Minimum Charge): $3.00 Contract Hire Per hour: $50.00

Per Mile : $1.80

Per Mile: $1.60 Contract Event Trip: Starts at $250.00 per day.
Charge is $0.18 per tenth of a mile. Charge is $0.16 per tenth of a mile. Clean Up Charge: $25.00 (If vehicle must be cleaned due to illness, vomit, etc.)
Wait Charge: $0.18 per minute Wait Charge: $0.16 per minute  
Tip/Gratuity is NOT Calculated Tip/Gratuity is NOT Calculated